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About Biosolvit

Our unique solutions are known for their performance and cost effectiveness compared to other products on the market. Our mission is to develop clean technologies at the lowest cost for delivery of the best results.

The thirst for innovation is the great vector of growth of Biosolvit. We want to be recognized as the main source of innovation in biotechnology in Brazil, working with quality, ethics and responsibility with all parties involved in our projects. Our vision for the future is to be, until the end of this decade, a reference in the development and application of innovative products, from renewable sources and able to solve environmental problems through applied biotechnology. What moves us is the certainty that we can do it different!

To have as a motivation the challenge of impossibilities; valuing the human capacity that is a competitive differential; ensure sustainability in our business through innovation; stay tireless in the search for what is right, guiding our actions to practical results that benefit our employees, clients, partners and shareholders.


Products intended for the absorption of any petroleum derivative on land or sea which, eliminate the possibility of a serious environmental problem. Organic or synthetic, Bioblue products also allow the reuse of absorbed material, which guarantees customers the possibility of significant additional gains.


Ecological and sustainable alternatives that surprise by the great absorption of water and nutrients. 100% organic products with natural manufacturing processes contribute to wide public acceptance wherever they reach and strengthen Biogreen's positioning as correct alternatives to prohibited commercial products by law.

  • We always want to be ahead

    Biosolvit invests in R&D (Research and Development) because we believe in innovative solutions from renewable sources capable of minimizing serious environmental problems. Our researches focus on the use of organic waste and the obtaining of environmentally correct and lower cost solutions, aiming to develop technologies tailored for the preservation of the environment in a harmonious coexistence with the human being.

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We work so that the future is marked by the recognition of Biosolvit as a reference in the development and application of innovative, efficient and low cost products that act for nature and society through applied biotechnology. Join us! Be a Partner Researcher!



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