Biosolvit is elected the best startup in Brazil at Amcham Arena

With the proposal to innovate from renewable sources, the Biosolvit was the champion of the national final of the Amcham Arena. The last phase of the contest, which connected more than 750 startups to a school of more than 5,000 companies associated with Amcham, took place last Thursday (17th), in São Paulo.

Through research and development, the startup created two products: o Bioblue, which absorbs oil residues and derivatives, and o Biogreen, an ecological and organic alternative solution that helps the absorption of water and nutrients during planting. The solutions generated by the business contribute to reducing environmental problems.

According to GE CEO and judge in the national final, Viveka Kaitila, in addition to Biosolvit’s maturation state and the clarity of the product it is developing, the sustainability impact was something remarkable. “There is still an effect bias as to how this can be applied in the disaster that is happening with the oil spill in the Northeast of the country”, he commented.

The Chairman of our Board and CEO of Cargill, Luiz Pretti, also made up the panel of judges. According to him, the level of all startups was very high and the competition’s objective of promoting connections between large companies and startups was achieved. “Many of the solutions can be useful for our company and I feel very gratified to have participated as a judge”, he mentioned.


In a survey we conducted from September to October, 41.4% of startups indicated that the main difficulty is not having a network of contacts or opening with potential customers. “Our contest brings together companies seeking to innovate and startups that want to be seen as preferred partners in this journey”, points out our CEO, Deborah Vieitas.

Among the awards is the association of Biosolvit with Amcham for one year free of charge. According to the CEO of Biosolvit, Guilhermo Queiroz, Amcham represents an important connection with the North American market, which for the startup is a target. “Association with the Chamber, for us, is the biggest prize, because we want to make a connection with the companies that are here”, he concluded.

During the pitch, the CEO of Quero Quitar, Marc Lahoud, also recalled the relevance of the competition for the business of the startup in São Paulo. “Amcham for us is a showcase, an exhibition, a network and a relationship. We also need this contact with large companies so that we can grow faster”, he pointed out.

In addition to Lahoud, Logiun CEO Jefferson Bernardi is already reaping the results of his participation in the Arena. “Since we started at Amcham, only the contacts generated here are now converted into two businesses. That’s just direct contacts,” he commented. Queiroz also reaffirmed the need for connections: “Look at the level of the judges who were here today. That’s exactly what we need to scale the business.”

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