Biosolvit launches new product line at conference in the USA

Bioblue Ecofast line is the fastest and most efficient in the world against environmental accidents with oil

Tuesday, August 17th 2021 – Biosolvit is participating in another edition of the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference), in Houston, USA, with the objective of launching a new line of products: Bioblue Ecofast.

The company was invited by Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency. The conference began on Monday, 16th, and continues until next Thursday, 19th, in a hybrid format, with several world exhibitors following the event in person and also remotely, due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Biosolvit’s presence was made possible by the start of operations in partnership with Biofink LLC, the American company responsible for the distribution and presence of Biosolvit’s products in that market.

This year, Bioblue, Biosolvit’s brand for the industrialization of products for the remediation of accidents with oil and oil products, is launching Bioblue Ecofast, the most efficient line of products in the world for this purpose, which has at least twice the absorption capacity. bigger than any competitor in the market, besides being at least twice as fast and the only one to allow the reuse of up to 95% of the absorbed oily residues. All this without mentioning its origin, since it is a natural line, made from reused organic waste from several crops in Brazil.

Biosolvit’s CEO, Guilhermo Queiroz, commented on the importance of launching the Bioblue Ecofast line at OTC: “We are very excited about the launch of the Bioblue Ecofast line, as we understand that it has enormous potential to leverage our operation. Today’s world pays more attention to innovative products that preserve the environment and to companies whose work is committed to ESGs. Ecofast reinforces our commitment and gives our customers the opportunity to also demonstrate their commitment to improving life on the planet”, he highlighted.

At OTC, Biosolvit, through its Bioblue brand, has one more opportunity to present its new line to the international market and attract potential customers and investors.

About Biosolvit

Brazilian Scale Up of biotechnology applied to the development of new materials. Founded in 2014, Biosolvit is the developer of the Bioblue Natural Absorber, technological basis of the Bioblue Ecofast line, the most efficient technology in the world for remediation of accidents with oil and derivatives, whose main characteristic is the possibility of recovering and reusing the absorbed material. Winner of numerous awards for the best startup in Brazil and in the world, Biosolvit stands out not only for its accelerated and sustained growth, but also for its research.

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