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We are a biotechnology company applied to sustainability. Our business is currently structured into three main areas: research and development of new materials, industrialization of products for the preservation of flora and industrialization of products for the preservation of water.
The breadth of our business gives us a verticalization differential that makes us very competitive in the markets in which we operate, and the search for innovation is in our DNA. This aspect is easily recognized through our products, which stand out for their efficiency and cost compared to our competitors.

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Atlantic Awards

Biosolvit won the 2018 edition of the Atlantic Awards organized by Atlantic Hub for the connection between Brazilian and Portuguese innovation ecosystems.

100 Startups to Watch

Biosolvit was considered for 2 consecutive years as one of the 100 most promising startups in the country.

100 Open Startups

For 2 consecutive years, Biosolvit figured in the ranking of 100 open startups, appearing in 2018 as Top 5 Materials and in 2019 as Top 10 Environment.

bio latin conference

Biosolvit was considered the best startup to perform at the Bio Latin America 2018 convection.

grands prix

We were finalists at the Paris Grands Prix de l’Innovation in December 2018 in the Moonshot 2040 category competing with more than 700 global companies.

global pitch

We were winners of the Global Pitch of Dealmatrix Vienna in December 2018 and we were in third global position, having been the highlighted company in the Our Planet category.

100 startups to watch 2019

Biosolvit was considered for 2 consecutive years as one of the 100 most promising startups in the country.


top10 ranking environment 2019

We were ranked as one of the 100 Open Startups in the years 2018 and 2019.


Startups Connected 2019

In an event held by the AHK – Brazil-Germany Chamber – Biosolvit won the BASF Circular Economy Challenge.

startup world cup

We won the Brazil Stage of the Startup World Cup that took us to San Francisco/CA, USA, to represent Brazil in competition with 40 other startups representing the largest countries and innovation centers in the world. We were recognized as one of the 12 best startups in the world.


Desafio IGLOO – Ibrachina

Biosolvit was the big winner of the IGLOO Ibrachina 2019 Challenge.


We were champions of the Amcham Arena 2019 national final.


Bluebio Value 2019

Biosolvit was awarded the startup award with the best proposal for preserving the oceans in the world in an acceleration program organized by the Oceano Azul Foundation, Fábrica de Startups Portugal and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

south summit

We are winners of the 2019 edition of the South Summit Sustainability in Madrid and in October 2020  we competed in the grand finale of the award.

unicorn battle

We were winners of the South America edition of Unicorn Battle 2019 and winners as the best startup of the americas in the competition that takes place annually in Silicon Valley and this year it took place remotely. 63 countries were represented, more than 4000 startups registered and 53 finalists. We took second place overall and were the highest historical score for a startup by winning the American final.


Prêmio FIESP de Mérito Ambiental

Biosolvit was awarded the Environmental Merit Award from FIESP, Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo, in 2019.



Biosolvit was founded with the objective of carrying out research and development of new materials using vegetable fibers discarded in the production process of canned hearts of palm.

The company’s first product is launched, Xaxim de Palmeira, delivered to some friends and first customers for validation.

The company wins its first customer.

2016 - new research

The company launches its second product, the Substrate for types of plants.

In the same period, Biosolvit intensifies its research and plans are started for the creation of two product lines, one focused on domestic gardening and the other focused on oil accident remediation, since at that time the Bioblue Natural Absorber was already it was a reality and was being tested with enormous success on a laboratory scale.

2018 - recognition

With the success of the mission to France, the partners at that time, Guilhermo and Wagner, decided it was time to bring a new partner to the company. It would have to be someone with industry experience, investment capacity and access to raw materials. So, in March, the agreement was signed that brought another co-founder to the company.

With the arrival of partner Edson Fantini, construction of the company’s first factory begins, in the city of Porto Belo/SC, in a very favored location in terms of access to raw material, as the largest production of cultivated heart of palm in the country is within a radius of 100km from the factory.

Biosolvit begins its trajectory of participation in numerous startup events, standing out since the first event and becoming one of the most awarded startups in the country, if not the most awarded. Among the awards won in 2018, the Atlantic Awards, Bio Latin Conference and Startup World Cup Stage Brazil stand out. In addition to the awards, there was recognition, as the company was featured in the “100 Startups to Watch” Edition of Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios, in addition to being mentioned in numerous publications, mainly related to its presence at the World Water Forum held in Brasília.

During 2018, Biosolvit participates in CONECTA, an acceleration program conducted by Fundação Dom Cabral and sponsored by CNT, Banco BMG UpTech and Bossanova Investimentos. In this opportunity, the company stands out and gains, in addition to a pre-seed investment, an acceleration in the Plug and Play Tech Center, in Silicon Valley, California.

At the same time, during an event again in France, the oil company TOTAL asks for tests of the Bioblue Natural Absorber at the Cedre Institute and the result is much better than expected: The Bioblue Natural Absorber conquers the rank of the most efficient product in the world for oil absorption!


2020 was the year of structuring the company, the company’s “hard skills”, with the inauguration of the second factory in the city of Barra Mansa/RJ, focused on the production of the Bioblue line, leaving Biogreen’s production in Porto Belo/SC.

It was also the year in which the company’s executive team was formed and the year in which the company passed, for the first time, the R$1M mark in revenue in a quarter. In 2020, Biosolvit grew 353%, even in a challenging year and with a shrinking market.

Finally, it was the year of international awards. Biosolvit won the South Summit of Sustainability in Madrid and also the Unicorn Battle, becoming the continent’s #1 startup in the biggest online startup competition.


The company presents its product, Xaxim de Palmeira, to the market for the first time. This takes place at the ENFLOR Garden Fair in Holambra, São Paulo.

The company passes for the first time the mark of 10 customers and, throughout the year, more than 2000 people already have the Xaxim de Palmeira to cultivate their plants at home.

2017 - a startup is born

The concept of two product lines was born with the acquisition of equipment and the Bioblue brand. Biosolvit remains focused on Research and Development, but now the product lines are divided into two brands: Biogreen, for home gardening; and Bioblue, for oil absorption and containment products;

Biosolvit discovers itself as a STARTUP, a new concept at that time, and learns to make its pitch during a Sebrae acceleration program called Prointer Biotec.

In December 2017 Biosolvit is selected from a group of 14 startups for a mission to France, with the objective of making connections with the French market, presenting its solutions to investors and potential customers.

2019 - first factory

The awards and recognition continue, with Biosolvit winning the Grands Prix de l’Innovation de Paris in the Moonshot 2040 Category, being considered one of the 12 best startups in the world at the Startup World Cup Finals in San Francisco and winning the FIESP Environmental Merit Award . These awards brought visibility and, above all, credibility to the company, which became an interesting option for some of the main investment funds in the country.

In July 2019, the company’s first factory is inaugurated and sales on a larger scale begin to take place.

In November, in order to support the company’s growth, an investment agreement is signed with MCLC4, the Family Office of the Cosentino family, owned by Laércio Cosentino, founder of TOTVS.

2021 - bioblue ecofast

This is the story under construction. Biosolvit has been growing at the same pace as in 2020. In the first half, the growth was 351% and the company has been structuring itself strongly in the domestic market.

It is also the year of the first sales in the international market, as two shipments of Biogreen line products have just arrived in the US and Spain.

And now, as big news for the second half, our Bioblue ECOFAST line is being launched, the most efficient line in the world for oil accident remediation. The launch will take place between August 16th and 19th in Houston/TX, during the Offshore Technology Conference.